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Thursday, March 03, 2005

I never thought I'd be wishing for the return of George Tenet, but after yesterday's comments by the new Director of Central Intelligence Porter Goss, I kind of miss the hapless former CIA director infamous for his 'WMD Slam Dunk' assertion.

Apparently, George W.'s "it's hard work" whine from last fall's debates has become the mantra for his entire administration. Yesterday, Mr. Goss commented on his new gig, which he's been diligently settling into for the past several months:
"The jobs I'm being asked to do, the five hats that I wear, are too much for this mortal," Goss said. "I'm a little amazed at the workload."
Comforting, no? Just what you want to hear from the guy responsible for oversight of the entire nation's intelligence efforts. It's sort of like hearing your neurosurgeon say "man, I haven't slept in five days" just before he dives into your brain with a scalpel.

Yet more discomforting words from Porter 'Lost':
"Some days it's really hard to know which is the hottest of all the hotspots," he said. "You go to bed thinking, 'Have I thought of everything that could possibly go wrong ... that I might have missed? I do think about that."
Well good, at least we know he's 'thinking' about it. God help us.

As Wonkette says, "get up to fucking speed!"

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