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Sunday, October 10, 2004

By all mainstream media accounts, Friday night's second presidential debate was a draw, setting the stage for a winner-take-all showdown this Wednesday night and some mighty fine TV. Of course, that's the mainstream media's opinion. They want this thing to go down to the wire. After all, ratings are king, right?

Public opinion doesn't seem to have changed much after the second head-to-head between these two men. Whomever you aligned yourself with going in, was who you no doubt thought won this contest. If I were one of these so-called 'undecideds', the Spin Hall presented on Friday night wouldn't have cleared things up for me at all. Friday night was an excercise in avoidance. A perfect example of how to fill 90 minutes without saying anything. The fact of the matter is, we're in a deadlock.

Bush managed a better showing in round two than he did during his Nixonian performance in round one, but how could he not? The president is now getting credit for limiting his facial ticks and for pronouncing names correctly... talk about lowering the bar. And Kerry apparently has a plan, although I don't remember hearing much about it on Friday night. The senator sure does seem to know a lot of people though! Sheesh John, name drop much?

What else did we learn from Friday night's debate?

Boring Version: Full Transcript.
Not-so-boring Version:
Wonkette's LiveBlogging.

The "Lies Scorecard" (thanks AM!).

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