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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

REMAINS of the DAYS: The One With Tom Cruise's Insanity
Every once in a while the sheer volume of celebrity bullshit, political hypocrisy and general absurdity becomes too much for one man to handle. In times such as these instead of becoming determined I simply get lazy, assembling the aforementioned flotsam into a single post dubbed Remains of the Days, which you are now reading. Not only is this an easy way for me to burp up another post, this crap should also keep y'all sated while I unglue myself from the blog for a few days to kick my clogs off and enjoy the holiday weekend. In this installment we delve deep into Tom Cruise's scientolirific brain, meet 'electrical contractor' Bobby Vita, and learn that I just might be a teenage girl. Enjoy.

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Right on, right on, right on. Another hilarious blog with heart. I will remember those who fight this egregious war; all of them are my family; some of them are my relatives.
May most of them come home with their souls intact.
Tom is just going to keep going through girlfriends until he finds one dumb enough to believe that scientology crap.
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