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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

REMAINS of the DAYS: The One With Paris Hilton's Sidekick
Damn, step away from your blog for a few weeks and all hell breaks loose. Well, ok, maybe not hell, but seeing as how recent events have included a fatal sherry enema, Paris Hilton's boobies (again), and a gay prostitute named Bulldog in the White House, hell can't be far off. Let's review what's happened, shall we?

Who is that girl Paris is smooching? And, did you know that she's engaged? TO A GUY NAMED PARIS???

Apparently this is front page news.
That girl is apparently Eglantina Zingg, an MTV Latin America VJ. Or, as Paris refers to her in her Sidekick, 'Egplant Dike Ass' (sic). Defamer has all the unnecessary details here: http://www.defamer.com/hollywood/gossip/paris-hilton/paris-hilton-hacked-decoding-the-celebutante-rosetta-stone-033709.php
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