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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I have a new favorite NFL player, and believe it or not, he's a kicker. Yes, a kicker. First Jay Feely, placekicker for the New York Giants, managed to miss three field goals on Sunday to give my beloved Seattle Seahawks their 9th victory of the season. Then, when asked why he so forthrightly apologized to his teammates following his difficult day, he offered up this answer:

"I think one of the problems with our country is that people, when they make a mistake, they don't stand up and take responsibility for them, and that's what I tried to do (Sunday) night. It's not fun, but that's when your character has to shine through."
A veiled shot at Bush/Cheney's leadership style? Probably not, but it does seem to fit the situation pretty well, does it not?

Image hosted by TinyPic.com Wide left?

Kudos to you Jay Feely, I like how you think. And if you want to really make it hurt, boot a game-winner against W's home-state Dallas Cowboys this Sunday.

And speaking of the Giants, anyone catch the extreme Right's reaction to a recent decision to open up a non-denominational prayer room at Giants Stadium? The decision resulted from several unfortunate incidents earlier this year in which Muslims at the stadium were harrassed while trying to perform their daily prayers. Here are but a few of the reactions to the news gleaned from the capitol of online wing-nuttery, Little Green Footballs:

"These folks are not going to stop of their own volition. They have made it crystal clear that they are here to islamicize America. Hell, all of their activitst groups (CAIR, MSU, MSA, etc.) come right out and say it. And our leaders cower before them. We are led by wusses."

"We are losing our country right before our very eyes. The left enables the islamicization of America, and our leaders are afraid to confront it. Folks, I'm afraid it's going to fall to the American people to save our country, because our leaders and our institutions sure as hell are not going to do anything to save it."

"Anyone who doesnt own a weapon I would suggest purchasing one ASAP at your local sporting goods store, going to your local gun shooting range to practice regularly and buying a shotgun for home protection, hard to miss and the click back action scares the bejeezus out of em."

So this is the 35% who still support Bush. I've been wondering...

Tolerance, religious or otherwise, really isn't a virtue for these people, is it? To all of them, I beg of you, stay in Arkanbamasee, or wherever you're from. People like you, well, you suck.

(helmet tip to Catch for pointing this out)

UPDATE: Welcome C&L readers, pull up a seat, have a look around. (thanks Mike)

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I wish Bush and Cheney would at least "Feel My Pain" like Clinton could. But Bush is too much of a bubble boy, and Cheney feels no pain other than in his left arm every couple months when his ticker stops.
Would you let go of this "Arkanbamasee" crap? Bill O'Reilly was born in New York City, and Jimmy Carter was born in rural Georgia. Bush was born in New Haven, so he ought to be a Patriots fan if he wasn't such a liar.

It doesn't help to insult Southerners.
For what its worth...

I'm not from the south, but if you think Bush supporter's only come from "Arkanbamasee", you need a reality check. Some of the most racist, intolerant folks are from the north, where I'm from.
Amen. Living down here in Louisiana, believe me, any love for Bush that still existed was driven away by a certain storm. Besides, wackos are pretty much everywhere these days...
Small towns in Arkanbamasee" are the lifeline of today's military. These poor, rural boys and girls with no hope for the future other than to follow in their parent's footsteps: living in a trailer with a spouse that may or may not be related trying to living on Wal-Mart or factory wages drives them to the service in droves.

I live in one such town (transplanted here) that has taken heavy losses. The families seldom vote cause they can't afford to take the time off from working at the factory to do jury duty which here can last anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. Most of them hate Bushco and if they could afford the gas to get to DC would "take him out" like a rabid dog.
I'm not gonna touch the 'take 'em out' comment for fear the secret service would be on my ass faster than Bush races to a fundraiser, but I do feel the need to offer up an apology to the Southerners in the house. I did not mean to offend and I do realize that their our intolerant wackos to be found in every nook and cranny of this fine country, several of which I have to work with every day right here in the liberal mecca that is Manhattan. Please accept my apology, I meant no disrespect.

Carry on, and thanks for reading.
Being from the south and working construction I deal with ignorant bigots all day. Most are good hearted intelligent people that have been brainwashed from birth and no amount of reason, logic or fact will ever change their minds. Very sad, very frustrating.
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