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Friday, August 12, 2005

I know, I know, it's bad form to bother the president while he's on a, uh, 'working' vacation, so I must apologize in advance sir. I really didn't want to do this again, but I saw that you managed to take some more time away from the Ranch the other day to pad the pockets of the friendly folks who've helped you out through the signing of yet another Porktastic bill. I figured since you found the time to pass out a record $24 billion in 'special project' money (impressive!), perhaps you could let me bend your ear for a few moments. Got a minute?

Image hosted by TinyPic.com Lay off, I'm on vacation here!

First off, I really think it may behoove you to spend a few moments with that woman camped outside your ranch, you know the
mother of the slain soldier from your war? I realize you have important fundraisers to attend and stuff, but Mrs. Sheehan really just wants to ask you a few questions. She says this is your "accountability moment" (read this). I know you tend to shy away from such things as accountability, but you just may want to listen this time.

Your surrogates on the Right have tried to respond to Sheehan in the only way they know how: by smearing her. Yep, the best retort they've been able to come up with is to call her "
a whore." Is that how you feel too? This disgusting tactic by your wingnut friends has even started to turn their own against them, and thank god for that. Seriously, you really don't want to leave it up to them to fill the void of inaction you've left by ignoring Sheehan, do you?

Wait, I'm sorry, you did try to answer her yesterday, didn't you? What was it you said?

“It breaks my heart to think about a family weeping over the loss of a loved one,” Bush said. “I also have heard the voices of those saying pull out now, and I've thought about their cry and their sincere desire to reduce the loss of life by pulling our troops out. I just strongly disagree.”

Hold on, are you saying you 'strongly disagree' with reducing the loss of life? That's not gonna help you. Why won't you just meet her? Seriously sir, as
retired Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey says, "This thing [Iraq], the wheels are coming off it. We want to get out of this. The American people are walking away from this war."

Image hosted by TinyPic.com vs. Image hosted by TinyPic.com

And so Mr. President, with that head-butt of reality bouncing around in your feeble little mind, here are a few more tidbits you may have missed during your brush-clearing operation down there on the ranch. I just thought you ought to know.

Five U.S. Soldiers, 22 Iraqis Killed on Day of Violence It was part of a violent day in which assassins gunned down 10 city police officers in five neighborhoods during a one-hour period. Across the country, at least 22 Iraqis died in acts of violence. Insurgents killed a police officer in Baqubah and attacked a minivan full of pilgrims traveling to Iran, killing three, police said. A judge in Kirkuk narrowly escaped an assassination attempt, and a mortar shell exploded in the troubled Dora neighborhood of Baghdad, killing two people and injuring four. The U.S. military also announced Tuesday that a Marine had been killed a day earlier in Al Anbar province. At least 43 Americans and 124 Iraqis have been killed by insurgent attacks over the last two weeks.

Four US Troops Killed A large crater on the highway and an account from Iraqi police suggested U.S. vehicles had been struck by one of what appears to be a new breed of roadside bomb or land mine. The devices are more powerful than those that have killed hundreds of troops over the past two years and capable of penetrating American armor.

Fighting 69th Loses 2 "It hurts me to know my son is gone," said Kalladeen's heartbroken mother, Maria Vidal, who now lives in Reading, Pa. "He was supposed to be coming home by September or October." The two new deaths bring the 69th's death toll in Iraq to

Another Senseless Death He was ordered by his government to fight a war that he did not believe in. He told us that the conflict in Iraq was "a so-called war" and that he saw U.S. troops as caught in an impossible situation. In the end, Pellegrini's stay in Iraq lasted little more than eight months. Yesterday morning, his parents were notified that he had been killed in action.

Baghdad's Mayor Deposed Armed men entered Baghdad's municipal building during a blinding dust storm, deposed the city's mayor and installed a member of Iraq's most powerful Shiite militia. The deposed mayor, Alaa al-Tamimi, called the move a municipal coup d'état. He added that he had gone into hiding for fear of his life."This is the new Iraq," said Tamimi, a secular engineer with no party affiliation. "They use force to achieve their goal." (sounds sorta like the old Iraq, no?)

General Says Attacks on US Convoys Have Doubled These attacks account for a large number of the U.S. military deaths in the war, and commanders have said at least some of the bombs being used by the rebels now are more powerful than in the past. (what was that about "last throes" and "losing steam?")

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Fuck You George W. Bush. We Hate Your War.

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I love your site. I wrote King George a letter on my new blog - http://watergatesummer.blogpsot.com/
But you say it all much better than me...keep it up...thanks
You said it, Fuck you Bush. For so long no one would say that. Now, it is coming out in the open. The unraveling begins my friend.
I'm just really sick and tired fighting this bastard with snark. Enough is enough. Everyone should be saying it, it's long overdue.
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