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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Image hosted by TinyPic.com Tuesday, August 30, 2005.

On the night July 18, 64 CE the Great fire of Rome erupted. The fire started in densely populated areas like the Suburra, in which had been built the insulae, wooden dwellings, built on three or four floors. Nero was reportedly vacationing in his native Anzio but had to return in haste. The fire burned for a week. Rumor circulated that Nero had played his lyre and sang, on top of Quirinal Hill, while the city burned. (FROM WIKI)

And yeah, you did have something to do with it.

E&P: Editorials question Bush's response, preparedness
ABlog: He also ate cake, went to a country club, and yukked it up with the geriatric set.
And Condi? She played tennis, took in a Broadway show and bought some shoes. (Gawker)
Flooded New Orleans? The EPA just calls it 'Lake George.' (Wonkette)
Cafferty: What is going on? This is Thursday! This storm happened 5 days ago. This is a disgrace. And don't think the world isn't watching.


I can't say it any bettter than this...

From Hunter @ Kos:
George W. Bush was once known as the C.E.O. President, a term his handlers eagerly coined in order to convey that the country would from now on be run like a business. That quickly evolved into the less flattering Enron President... then the War President... now it's looking like we can all finally settle on one. George W. Bush: the Disaster President.

"I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees."

He honestly said that. If that brings up more than a passing twinge of familiarity, being a more than remarkable restatement of Condi Rice's now-famous assertion to the Senate panel -- then I suppose we shouldn't be surprised.

But it does bring up something that we joke about often, but apparently have never taken quite seriously enough: our President is an idiot. I don't mean an average, run-of-the-mill idiot. I mean an idiot who apparently, for the entire duration of his presidency, literally was paying absolutely no attention to even the most life-threateningly critical tasks of government.

The administration specifically cut the funds to fix these specific levees, in order to specifically divert that Corps money to Iraq, despite urgent warnings and predictions of catastrophic disaster if the levees were breeched. The administration specifically cancelled the Clinton-backed flood control program to preserve and restore the wetlands between New Orleans and the gulf, instead specifically opening parts of that buffer zone for development.

Nobody anticipated this disaster? It was
identified by FEMA as one of the top three likeliest major disasters to strike America. (That link, one of countless stories, was from 2001, by the way.) It has been a major disaster scenario for years.

Everybody anticipated it, which makes this single statement by George W. Bush possibly the most dishonest, lying, craptacularly false thing he has ever said in his presidency -- even surpassing his now-infamous State of the Union Address. Truly, this is President Bush's blue-dress moment.

And yet, funneling the money into Iraq was more important. You better bet your crapulent,
lying, one-track, drink-addled ass that's a political issue.

Read the rest.


Great post- you nailed it- I am so floored by this come on over to http://watergatesummer.blogspot.com/, you are not the only one angry, this is unreal- horrific ....keep writing I am sending people to your blog...
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