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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The heading of this post one of the best signs I spotted in DC the last time we marched. This Saturday, we do it again, right here in Gotham. Here's the skinny:

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Assemble: 22nd Street and Broadway, 10:30 am
March: At noon down Broadway to Foley Square
Grassroots action festival: 1:00-6:00PM, Foley Square
More info at: www.April29.org

Every time one of these marches or rallies happens, I'm asked why I even bother to participate. People ask, 'what's the point?' Last time, when asked the 'why march?' question, I put together this list in response. It is, by far, the most oft-linked post in DAYS humble little history, even more popular than the 'Bush Is Gay' post. It's a long list, but it's not even close to comprehensive. It was only September that I put that list together, and yet if I were to update it today, it's size would probably double. Scooter Libby, out-of-control gas prices, Civil War in Iraq, domestic eavesdropping, the contemplation of nuclear weapons, etc., etc. Honestly, it would be easier to list reasons NOT to march this Saturday.

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But instead of coming up with my own list, this time I'm going to actually do some reporting and talk to the people at the march. I'll ask them why they're marching and what they would say to the president if they had a minute of his precious time. Check back here early next week for some of their answers.

My short answer to the 'why march?' question is that every little action helps, that it's one more note on the increasingly louder drumbeat of dissastisfaction in this country. For years now, Bush's babysitters have done everything in their power to keep Dear Leader in his bubble, away from the indignant hordes. But that bubble is beginning to burst. Whether re-routing his bike rides, forcing him off campus at Stanford, or telling him we're 'ashamed' of him right to his face, the preznit is finally feeling the heat. No doubt, his minders are screaming at each other, "Code Red! Defcon 5! The bubble is getting smaller! Must. Protect. The Boy."

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The pressure is building on these guys, they're falling apart. And while it doesn't seem right to wish for one's own government to crumble, this one has to before we can even begin to work on restoring what's been lost.

And if you need a little extra motivation to get fired up -- you know, besides the destruction of our democracy -- look no further than the Granny Peace Brigade.*

Waving canes and white-knuckling their walkers, 18 unrepentant anti-war grannies nixed a plea deal yesterday before going on trial for rallying outside a Times Square recruiting station.

The women, all facing disorderly conduct charges in Manhattan Criminal Court, refused the last-minute deal in which prosecutors offered to dismiss the cases if they stayed out of trouble for six months.

The war in Iraq "is wrong as all getout! And we're against it, and we'll do whatever it takes, whatever we can do to stop it," Marie Runyon, 91, said, waving her cane before entering the courthouse.

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You know they'll be in the streets Saturday, and they're half-blind and use walkers. What's your excuse?
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By the way, the grannies we're acquitted today. You go Grannies.

Why We March
J.Holland: The De-clawed Left
W.R. Pitt: Your Attention Please
Voice: Grandmothers of Invention
Also: Save Darfur rally, Saturday in DC

"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."
-- Abraham Lincoln

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Have you ever looked at a map of gas prices in the United Stated based on county? Have you compared it to the results shown on a map showing the winning presidential candidate by county?
Hi, there. I met some of the grannies when I attended the antiwar rally in Crawford with Cindy Sheehan and Codepink over Easter. They are cool ladies and tough, too.
hi, there. I andered in after Glenda. She's a kick-ass activist, too.
Those Bushies need to come to my Confessional.
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