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Saturday, May 06, 2006

I don't understand what all the 'mystery' is behind the sudden resignation of CIA Director Porter Goss. Isn't it obvious he resigned so he could spend more time playing poker with his hookers?

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'I solemnly swear to play a whole lot of Texas Hold 'Em.'

Honestly, why did every tabloid here in New York splash a photo of goddam Patrick Kennedy on the cover of their papers this morning? It's infuriating. I realize these aren't 'hard news' papers, but it's not like there isn't a scandal at the heart of the Goss story. Shall we do the math on this one?
Gambling + Booze + Hookers + Congressmen + Bribes + Watergate Hotel + Porter Goss = JUICY.

Doesn't it? I mean, I know there's no Kennedy in that equation, but what the hell? Not only that, it's the Director the CIA we're talking about. Seems worthy of page 1, no?

Oh well, regardless of whether or not he's involved in Hookergate, we really should've known Goss wouldn't last long in the job. He did, after all, claim to be 'overwhelmed' by the workload when he first started out. Not a good first impression. But then, only a few months later, he got all of our hopes up when he claimed he knew where Osama was (classic TDS on this here). But now, those hopes are dashed. I just pray he left his notes on OBL's location behind. Hate to lose those.

The official spin on this seems to be that Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte won out in a turf battle with Goss, resulting in the resignation. This means that the guy who spends three hours every day getting massages, swimming laps and chomping big cigars is better suited for the job then the guy who spent his time playing poker and consorting with prosititutes.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Smokin 'em out, one rubdown at a time.

Good to know everyone's working so hard in this War on Terror thing. Makes me feel safe, how about you?

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