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Monday, May 23, 2005

So a Jew, a Muslim and a First Lady walk into a Mosque...
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'Do I come to your job and heckle you??'

Hey George, sending your wife to the Middle East as a political puppet to appear on the Egyptian Sesame Street does not constitute a serious step toward repairing our country's damaged reputation overseas.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com No, no, he tried to milk the horse... get it??

No disrespect to Laura, but in the wake of ongoing reports (no, not from frickin' Newsweek, from our own goddam military) of systematic prisoner mistreatment and disrespect for Islam, this is an extremely sorry solution. As I said over the weekend, this needs to be fixed and fixed now, and the only way to even begin to repair the damage is to hold the people responsible accountable. I can think of a few right away: this guy, this guy and, oh why not, this guy.

BBC: Laura Bush heckled in Jerusalem
WaPO: Prez Sends His Very Best
HRW: An Open Letter to Donald Rumsfeld
Karena: W's Plot to Get His Ladies Out of the House
Kurtzman: Laura Bush, Desperate Housewife
Reuters: Shecky Sharon gets similar treatement on this side of the Atlantic

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