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Friday, September 16, 2005

I missed the president's speech last night (bad American!), but I woke up to the following headline in the Daily News:

Prez: 'I'll Handle Recovery Effort'

Phew! And here I thought they'd appoint someone incompetent to the task. Actually, Bush isn't the one truly in charge, that would be Karl Rove, the president's top aide, chief leaker and master PR man. My reaction to that? WTF?? Seriouly, why put a spinmeister in charge of a disaster recovery effort? Well, at least we know that if any uppity diplomats question the validity of the White House's relief effort, their spy wives will be outed.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com 'How come my porch hasn't been rebuilt yet ya bastard?'

To be fair, Bush's speech did seemingly convey the compassion some had cried for -- three weeks ago. However, while the speech was chock full of emotional platitudes, it lacked specifics. For one, there was no reversal on the issue of whether or not to appoint an independent investigation, something the GOP Congress is refusing to do. Additionally, there was little detail as to how the federal government would pay for "one of the largest reconstruction efforts the world has ever seen" (second only to Iraq of course). There was no promise to set aside his plans for a second round of tax cuts, and no hint that he would abandon his flailing (and expensive) effort to privatize social security.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com It's hard (and sweaty!) work pretending to care. (Reuters)

So how will we pay for it? Thankfully, the Cato Institute, a conservative thinktank, has the answer: We should cut $4.6 billion from the US Army Corps of Engineers, the very group responsible for shoring up New Orleans' levees, and cut another $4.2 billion from Homeland Security grants. Ahhhh yes, logic loses again in Bush's America.

By the way, does it surprise anyone that the quickest responses to the Katrina disaster involved allowing contractors (i.e. Halliburton) to cut wages for workers directly involved in the reconstruction, handing out no-bid contracts to firms friendly to the Bush administration (i.e. Halliburton), and easing of environmental standards across the board? It shouldn't.

Looking for some good news? The bars and clubs on Bourbon Street will be among the first businesses to re-open. And thank god for that... if any town could use a drink right now, it's New Orleans.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Now if only I could find my beads.

Hooray! The Lights are on in N.O... until Bush leaves.
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Thank goodness he's sticking with his tax cuts. We'll need a lot of money in the private sector to get things straightened out down there.
WTF?? Why be fair at all at this point? These goddmaned barbarian plunderers have had YEARS in which to show they had any consideration for this country. They don't. If you still have any faint thought that they need to be given an even shake, you are part of the problem.
If one had to go shopping I'd follow this suggestion.
That sweat stained shirt is priceless. Bet the guy never broke a sweat before quite to this scale while simply giving a speech. Where the heck did you find this photo?
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