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Monday, July 31, 2006

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Just pray the tour doesn't make it to your hometown...

Why is it that every time one of these pukes from the Bush administration picks up an instrument, disaster strikes? Children die, cities drown... Honestly, every time they strum, pluck or tickle the ivories, the world burns down. Nero had nothing on these assholes.

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I'm so angry. I can't even fathom the levels of ineptitude shown by these clowns, the deep muck they've sunk us all into. Oh, I know, it's Hezbollah's fault, it's al Qaeda's fault... shut up. I'm sick of it. And no I'm not sticking up for any goddam terrorists, they are a despicable lot as well. But for six goddam years these fools in the White House, these nutcases pacing up and down the halls of the Pentagon, have done nothing but taken one wrong turn after another. Their crooked, detached-from-reality vision of the world and their stubborn, bull-headed policies have not made anyone safer. They've managed to take a bad situation and make it much, much worse.

And don't think for one second that any one of 'em wants this thing to stop. These crazy freaks behind our foreign policy, the ones who probably concur with Coulter-esque mantras like 'Kill 'em all, let Allah sort them out', see what's happening as an opportunity, a 'gift' even, but not as the tragedy it clearly is. They want nothing more than all-out war in the Middle East, there's no doubt in my mind. They're not interested in 'managing calm' anymore, and the only alternative to that is managing chaos, an oxymoron if I've ever heard one. Condi speaks about the violence wracking the region as 'birth pangs' toward a new Middle East, but there's is nothing being born here, these are death pangs we're seeing, and the Neocon fuckers in the White House love it. This is their plan.

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Their goal from the get has been to reshape the Middle East in their image, regardless of the will of the people, of history, of ideology. Step One was Iraq, a sputtering example of near complete failure. One bad turn after another. A monumental miscalculation. And yet, these folks don't seem deterred. They just want to move on to Phase 2 and blow up the rest of the world, shake out all the bad guys, and slap a fresh coat of freedom paint on the entire region. After all we've seen, after the massive incompetence they've shown, does anyone trust them to do that?

Everything they do, every policy initiative they set forth, blows up in their face -- or more accurately, someone else's face. Literally. Now they want Israel to simplistic, black-and-white worldview, their refusal to even consider discussion with anyone they determine to be a 'bad guy' is killing us all. As Richard Armitage said last week, it's just plain lazy. Or maybe it's just the plan.
"This president has a very firm world view that is not about to be changed by facts or realities."
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'Ooop, 'ah almost slipped on a little reality right der... heh, heh, heh.'

Their inaction is killing children, contributing to both a emboldening Hezbollah, uniting once-disparate radicals and governments in the region against us, and inflaming an already raging anger in the Arab world. Their voluntary reluctance to recognize the tinder box that is the Middle East (because they WANT it to explode) are all contributing to the further disaster that's sure to come. In other words, things are pretty much going to plan for the Bushies.

Oh, and how did Bush show solidarity with the Lebanese people after Sunday's tragedy? He too spent the day with children. As rescue workers dug them out of the rubble in Qana, he played tee ball with them on the White House lawn.

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What an asshole.

End this.


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*all apologies to Mr. Thorogood & his Destroyers.

I was reading in horror and when I got to the part of Bush slipping on the stairs of the plane and your caption I bust out laughing. Thanks, I needed that. Jeez, Condi was on with Little Timmy Russert today having to defend herself and wiggle out of Armitage's comments. She tried to at first by lying, but Little Timmy, in a refreshing turn-about busted her ass. Unreal.
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