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Sunday, August 06, 2006

I failed to write about this when it first cropped up a few weeks ago, but this story examines the reasons behind the results of a recent Harris Poll which found that 50% of Americans still believe the cock-and-bull story that Saddam Hussein possesed WMDs. First of all, WTF??!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting America: Keep away from shiny objects.

Second of all, while I think the reasons provided -- a constant drumbeat of false information from rightwing media, continued distortion and obfuscation from the White House, and good 'ol blind partisanship -- are all valid, the most obvious one seems to be missing. To find out how such results can still be achieved, one need look no further than the 'Most Viewed' articles on Yahoo News.

This past Friday, as World War III continued to rage in the Middle East, Americans felt the following three stories were of utmost importance:
A co-worker said it best: 'Boobies will always win out over Armageddon. Duh.'

So, FOX News just needs to flash the headline "Are Saddam Hussein's WMDs Now in Hezbollah's Hands?", then cut quickly to the latest news about Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock and the most likely conclusion their typical viewer will come away with is: 'Hezbollah took Saddam's WMDs... or something', and, 'Boy oh boy, does Pamela Anderson ever have big knockers'.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Two massive distractions.

My god, we are so screwed. So, so screwed.

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