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Monday, March 13, 2006

Watch them scurry. Isn't it funny how the Conservative Right has made a mad dash in the opposite direction as soon as they realized how fast the Good Ship Dubya was sinking? Blogger extraordinaire Shakespeare's Sister posted something along these lines today that resonated strongly with me. It's infuriating really because on the one hand I enjoy seeing popular opinion of the Preznit dive to its deserved depths, but I don't enjoy seeing his biggest cheerleaders getting out of harm's way. As far as I'm concerned, every single last one of 'em deserves to go down in a spectacular fireball of schadenfreude and comeuppance. But they'll squirm and they'll wriggle and they'll live to fight -- or rather, get someone else to fight for them -- another day.

Image hosting by Photobucket Sink damn you, sink.

The chorus line of Bush defectors in recent weeks has been endless. But it's not just the big ones, the William F. Buckley's and Bill O'Reilly's of the world, that piss me off, it's the everyman Republican too. It's the guy in my office who rubbed it in my face on November 3, 2004. Or my misguided uncle back in Seattle, who only months ago continued to needle me about being a flip-flopper. Ironic that, no? It's these guys, the ones who blindly take their cues from Buckley and O'Reilly, who really piss me off.

A friend of mine had a date this past weekend with somone she desribed as "friendly but rather uptight and uninteresting." He took her to an 'old boy's club' steakhouse in the lobby of a midtown office building (oooh, how romantic). He's an investment consultant, and, oh surprise, a Republican. As quickly as he said he was a Republican he made sure to say that he's "mad at George Bush" and "doesn't like him anymore." Well thanks, lot a good that does us now. I'm so glad it took you almost six years, nearly 3,000 soldiers lives, a record deficit, thousands of dead Iraqis, world respect and trust, the environment, the drowning of a great American city, weakened civil liberities, and a crushing reversal on women's rights to figure that out. Good for you. Now what are you gonna do? Vote for McCain in '08? Great, I'll just save this post to use again in 2014 then. Fockers, all of 'em. Sink with the ship you dirty rats.

Oh, and to my friend: Watch out, he's probably married.

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