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Monday, April 24, 2006

It's frightening enough to know that a secretive, manipulating madman like Dick Cheney is at the helm of the country, but what about the idea of a secretive, manipulating and raging drunk madman at the controls? Scary, no?

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"Damn, light on the whiskey again... can I get a fu*king man's coffee around here please?!"

Just speculating here, 'cuz that's what we leftist loons do best, but let's consider some of the evidence:

PRECEDENT: Dick has had problems with alcohol abuse in the past, going back to his dual DWIs as a young man in Wyoming. These of course occured in between his dropping out of Yale and his receiving a whopping 5 deferments to avoid service in Vietnam.

TEMPERMENT: There's the well-reported story that Dick told Sen. Pat Leahy to "
go fuck yourself" on the floor of the Senate back in '04. What wasn't widely reported was the fact that he was waving the sharp end of a bottle of Jack, which he had just smashed over Sen. Lieberman's head, in Leahy's face when he said it.

RECENTLY: Last week, Dick went against protocol and insisted on
wearing sunglasses during the arrival ceremony of Chinese president Hu Jintao, a total hangover giveaway. Later that morning, Cheney was caught by cameras openly snoozing during Bush and Hu's press briefing.

AND OF COURSE: There's that whole
Shooting-His-Friend-in-the-Face thing.
I'm only saying, if the guy who pulls the president's strings, runs our foreign policy and is currently hurtling us toward nuclear war with Iran, is hitting the sauce, I think we ought to know about it. Seems like another reason for the Impeach Cheney movement to go forward, no?

So, to recap...

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... maybe someone ought to look into this.

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