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Monday, February 13, 2006

What is it with Republicans and their horses? I know we have a so-called cowboy president, but it seems as though everyone in the Bush administration has some sort of equine connection. It's really kinda weird.

'Check it out, I'm pretendin' to be a cowboy.'

First, there was that joke by Laura Bush, the one where she revealed her husband's penchant for, um, 'milking' horses. Then there's disgraced former FEMA director Michael Brown, whose experience as a judge for the International Arabian Horse Association prepared him mightily to eat dinner while New Orleans drowned. I'm certain a horse head or two has ended up in the bed of many a Republican political enemy. And I have no doubt that this guy is a Republican.... (oh, so that's what Santorum was worried about).

Donald Rumsfeld, during a trip to Mongolia a few months backs, enthusiastically received a gift horse from his hosts. Literally. And most recently, the War Horse of a Defense Secretary was spotted in Morocco ogling million-dollar hillbilly Gatsbys.' Heh. As he admired the beasts, Rumsfeld commented that he'd "trade jobs" with the ranch manager in heartbeat, something I whole-heartedly endorse.

'Think we could waterboard this sucker?''

Of course, there is a non-equine related question about just what Rummy was doing in Morocco in the first place. Could it possibly have something to do with the construction of a new detention facility/torture chamber for suspected evildoers? After all, they're going to have to move all those 'enemy combatants' somewhere once they're forced to close Guantanamo.

Kind of sours that whole horsin' around theme, eh?

Well, not for him apparently. Laugh it up you sick bastard.

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You forgot the horse doctor Bush tried to put in charge of women's health.
You're absolutely correct Granny, I knew there were more connections! Originally, Bush attempted to appoint Norris Anderson, a male vetrenarian, to the post of Director of Women's Health at the FDA. More info here: http://www.houstondemocrats.com/archives/2005/09/new_fda_directo_1.html

(thx granny!)
What is your fascination with HORSES? Perhaps you are related to them???
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