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Friday, February 03, 2006

REMAINS of the DAYS: The one where I've gone missing.
Several of you (ok, two) have inquired as to where I've been these past few weeks. Did the bogeymen from the NSA kidnap me in the dead of the night and ship me off to Cuba? Or have I maybe spent the past two weeks face down in a puddle of my own blue & green vomit after celebrating the Seahawks Super Bowl clincher a little too hard? The answer is neither of those, although I do recall some colorful expectorant a few Sundays ago... but I'd rather not talk about that. No, the answer is I've been busy helping to prepare the president's State of the Union address. Did you catch that 'addicted to oil' line? That was mine. I thought it would be kinda funny for a guy so hip-deep in the bubbling crude to utter such a thing. Because hypocrisy? Hilarious! Ok, ok, the truth is I've been through a big move, which means I've been living in boxes and have had limited access to the Internets these past few weeks. I have however managed to cobble together a few bits of flotsam which make up this very haphazard installment of Remains. I'll be back to regular posting in about a week, once my Super Bowl hangover wears off. Until then, this will have to do.

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If you think the oil addiction line and following trip (to promote nothing) was cognitively dissonant, what about the healthcare/education bloviation as a lead up to the House voting the next day to cut $40 billion out of things like Medicaid and student loan guarantees.
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