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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

President Bush is on the offensive. Beginning last Friday, Veterans Day no less, Bush positioned himself amongst his favorite stagecraft, the troops, and began to attack his attackers. He did so again this past Monday on his way to Asia, from a base in Alaska. It seems appropriate he gave this speech in Alaska during a, ahem, 'fuel stop,' doesn't it? He probably made his remarks as he personally manned a drill directly tapped into ANWR and took hip shots at endangered caribou.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com "I am very pleased with myself."

During these attacks, Bush cited many Democrats who voted for the Iraq resolution, including his already vanquished campaign rival, John Kerry. (seems a bit desperate, no?) Bush claims the Democrats saw the same intelligence he did before voting, which is nothing but a load of pure, unrefined bullshit. Not only did they not have the same intelligence, they weren't voting to give President Happybomb a green-light to get his Shock-and-Awe on. Here's what Kerry said at the time of the vote:

"In giving the President this authority, I expect him to fulfill the commitments he has made to the American people in recent days--to work with the United Nations Security Council to adopt a new resolution setting out tough and immediate inspection requirements, and to act with our allies at our side if we have to disarm Saddam Hussein by force. If he fails to do so, I will be among the first to speak out." (tip to Talent Show)
God, is it 2004 again? Point is, Bush didn't fulfill either of those commitments, and so Kerry, like the rest of us, is speaking out. Of course, the President thinks speaking out against him is about as unpatriotic as you can be. Fellow Republican Chuck Hagel has something to say about that:

"The Bush Administration must understand that each American has a right to question our policies in Iraq and elsewhere and should not be demonized for disagreeing with them. Suggesting that to challenge or criticize policy is undermining and hurting our troops is not democracy, nor what this country has stood for, for over 200 years."
Amen brother. Hagel must be thinking of a run in '08.

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In his attacks, Bush has also claimed that the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee already determined the administration had not manipulated the facts on the way to war. That too is a total lie. That part of the investigation was to happen in Phase 2, which hasn't been completed thanks to continued stonewalling by the Republicans on the committee. Failure to complete this all-important phase of the investigation is what prompted Harry Reid to 'slap Bill Frist in the face' and shut the Senate earlier this month.

As infuriating as these false claims are, it is this statement from Bush that burns me up the most:

"Critics are sending mixed signals to the troops. That is irresponsible."
Irresponsible?? 'Bring 'em on' was irresponsible. Not properly equipping the troops was irresponsible. Allowing your country to become known worldwide as advocates of torture is irresponsible. Outing a covert CIA agent is irresponsible. Underfunding the war is irresponsible. Mixed signals? How about 'Mission Accomplished'? How about "the war will pay for itself" or "there won't be any casualties" or "We don't do torture"? Those are mixed fucking signals. Seriously, I've had it. Hey George, why don't you just get lost somewhere in Asia and not come back? Better yet, why don't you contract the bird flu and then hermetically seal yourself off from the rest of the world so we don't have to deal with you anymore? I'm sick and tired of you and your cronies soiling our once-good name.

Fuck you George W. Bush. Fuck you Dick Cheney. Fuck you all. Get Bent.

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