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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The overriding meme across the internets the last 24 hours is that the Democrats absolutely suck. This notion of Democratic sucktitude, while certainly not new, has picked up serious steam and intensity since Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold introduced a measure on Monday calling for the censure of President Bush over the clear illegality of his domestic surveillance program. As much as I’d like to come up with something new and clever to say about the reaction to Feingold's bold call, all I can really think of is an echo of the common refrain: The Democrats suck.

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'No, no, you don't understand Russ -- we're not supposed to have any balls.'

The reaction to Feingold's resolution was both sad and predictable. The Republicans accused him of being a treasonous terrorist sympathizer. The mainstream media totally misunderstood what was happening. And his fellow Democrats were silent. Deafeningly silent. Harry Reid, the congressional Democratic leader, and Joe Lieberman both refused to comment saying they hadn't read the resolution, to which I say 'Fuck You.' You didn't read the Patriot Act either, yet you went ahead and passed that no questions asked.

Then there's this story from The Post's Dana Milbank, which illustrates both the Dems silence, as well as the media's misunderstanding of the issue. In it, Milbank says:

At a time when Democrats had Bush on the ropes over Iraq, the budget and port security, Feingold single-handedly turned the debate back to an issue where Bush has the advantage -- and drove another wedge through his party.
Now, hold on a minute. How exactly does Bush have "the advantage" here? Just about every legal scholar and constitutional law expert in the country has said he broke the fucking law. This one did. And this one. And this one. And these guys. And these 14. And this one. Hell, even prominent Republicans and leading conservative scholars believe Bush broke the law on this one. Not only did he break the law, but he then openly and knowingly lied about it. So explain to me again how Bush has the advantage here? I know it's not a blow job, but holy christ, if breaking the law isn't against the law, what the hell is??

Despite this, and despite the fact that every single poll shows this administration to be one of the most unpopular and incompetent in history, the Dems still run and hide. The minute Scotty McCllelan falsely accuses them of siding with al Qaeda, they clam up. Seriously, 36%, 34%, another 36%, 33%, and these cowards are afraid of appearing on the wrong side of things?? I got news for you all; you're already on the wrong side. This is why Feingold referred to you all as a bunch of cowering pansies yesterday.

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Not one of these losers is willing to stick their neck out and take a stand. Chris Dodd of Connecticut said of Feingold's proposal: "Most of us feel at best it's premature." I'm sorry Chris, but premature? It's wayyyy past time for someone to take action against these incompetent criminals. Are you waiting for them to break the law again? Are you waiting for them to lie us into another illegal war? Are you waiting for them to let another American city be destroyed? Are you waiting for them to torture some more people? Are you waiting for them to bankrupt us even further? What will it take??

Whenever calls for seemingly radical moves such as censure or impeachment have been raised, establishment Dems always say, 'we have to win back the Congress, then we can do something like that.' But yesterday's scaredy-cat display convinces me that these guys are only interested in saving their own skin and that they can't be counted on, even if we do elect them in.

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So what do we do? Do we just throw the bums out? Well, no, unfortunately it's not that simple. The first thing to do is sign this. Then, give your senator a call and let them know how you feel. Jeralyn over at FDL has the details. I suggest you tell them that you won't be voting for them until they show some spine and support Feingold's call for censure.

But you know what? Screw censure, it's not enough.
Let's just Impeach the Motherfucker Already.

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UPDATE: Jean over at FDL is keeping a running tally (top right) of which senators are showing some spine and which ones suck ass. Keep calling, the lemmings are hearing you.

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