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Friday, December 03, 2004

In an earlier post, I highlighted SorryEverybody.com, a website put together in the wake of the election wreckage that allows people to post pictures and messages to offer apologies to the world for failing to prevent the Bush reelection. The website has exploded in popularity since I posted last month, so much so that a book is in the works.

Of course, emboldened conservatives, most of them with guns, couldn't let such hippie nonsense flourish. No, they responded in kind with their very own website, YoureWelcomeEverybody.com. If you want to get a good idea of the kind of nutjobs we're losing the country to, peruse some of these photos for a few minutes.

If there is one thing the Right knows about, it's tolerance.

Healthy, upstanding citizens for Bush

Oh yeah, the moral majority is hotttttttt!

I'm sensing a theme here... firearms anyone?

They've even corrupted the rodent community.

At least they're raising their kids Right.

Oh MacGyver, how could you??!

No word yet on whether there is a book deal. God help us.

DAYS: Look Out World!

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