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Thursday, September 30, 2004

The podiums are still warm and I haven't had much time to digest the evening, but I think the president just got his ass kicked. The winner, if there is one, won't be determined for several days based on how the media plays it, which is kind of sad. Will more focus be put on what the candidates actually said or how they said it? Will we hear more about Kerry's subway flub and W's pursed lips or will we hear about the actual positions? Who knows. To me, Kerry seemed clear, concise and presidential for the most part, while Bush seemed surprisingly unprepared, testy and even panicked at times. I really don't see how anyone watching tonight could feel comfortable giving this man four more years, but of course I'm completely bias.

What do you think? I'm interested to hear immediate reaction from all sides. Hit the comment link below and share your thoughts. More analysis in the coming days. And don't forget, Dick Cheney finally gets his chance to tell John Edwards to go fuck himself on Tuesday. Can't wait for that!

When Bush is fumbling for words (which is often) he will fall back on a few choice words. One of them is "folks". Doesn't matter if he's takin' 'bout married couples in the Mid-West or terrorists in the Mid-East. To George W., they're all just folks. Watch for it in the future...it's fun!
Beyond that, what can I say? He's an idiot! The King has no brains. But, then again, look who he's trying to get to vote for him. Here's a big taboo that no one in the media talks about---a large portion of the American pubic is so easily manipulated that it's scary. That's why Bush can say these things that we can see through so easily. He's not talking to us. He knows he doesn't have our vote. He's talking to the easily manipulated. And for some reason, they vote in droves.
Suppress the Stupids! I couldn't agree more... maybe we can convince them that voting day is November 3rd?
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