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Monday, November 20, 2006

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But, but, wait... didn't all you Republicans poo-poo as utter nonsense the idea that your cozy relationships with Big Oil had everything to do with gas prices magically lowering just before the elections? Why then, all of a sudden, are prices on the rise again?

'Maybe no one will remember this...'

But, but, wait John... didn't you say just a few years back that the Jerry Falwells of the world are 'agents of intolerance'. So then why are you hiring his people now? And hey, didn't you also say something about offing yourself if the Dems won the election? Seriously, why are you still on this mortal coil? Mr. Straight Talk my ass.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 'Yes, but it's your fault for believing me...'

But, but wait Unca Dick... didn't you say that the escalating violence in Iraq these last few months was simply a result of the terrorists trying to influence our elections? Since those elections are over, how come the violence has continued to rage? How come 75 bodies were found over the last 24 hours in Baghdad? How come 112 people were killed there yesterday? How come we're seeing mass kidnappings? Huh Unca Dick, what's that all about?

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Over the weekend, a morgue worker tends to body bags is Baquba, Iraq, in the province of Diyala, east of Baghdad. In April there were four civilian homicides a day, and now there are ten a day.

But, but wait, Georgie... didn't you say...

Photo 'Then they made me put on a dress!'

Oh, who cares what you say. Are you still talking? Seriously, just StFU already.

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