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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Well, ok, not fishing... don't I wish? Actually, I don't wish, because I don't really fish, but I do wish my temporary leave of absence were attributable to something that leisurely. In actuality, work has consumed the better part of my days this past week, thereby sabotaging DAYS itself. Yes, belying the stereotype, this blogger actually does have a day job -- they don't even let me where my pajamas here. It's horrible. Even more agonizing? The realization that while I spend my time futzing with spreadsheets and powerpoints, the world continues to spiral out of control. That said, I'm pretty sure it'll still be crumbling when I finally resurface in another week or so. Look for the Daily 5 and all my other ranting to return as June commences. Until then, have a little fun with real audio from Dear Leader and the boys, courtesy of SNL...

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