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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Internet is big. Here's a shorter version.
1. Shorter Vanity Fair: Dick Cheney is fucking nuts. (Spud has more over at Shakes place)
2. Speaking of Cheney, Stephen Pizzo reminds us of Big Dick's super-secret Energy Task Force meetings back in '01 and implores Congress to investigate them now. These are the meetings that probably laid the groundwork for the Iraq invasion, led to today's soaring gas prices, and helped to line Lee Raymond's massively fat jowels with wads and wads of cash.
3. First-Draft: Normally, news that Bush's approval rating is at 55% would depress me. That is, unless that figure is culled from a poll made up entirely of white, protestant evangelicals. If he's close to losing the majority of that group, he's in a deep pile of WASPy shit.
4. Commenting on his own hypocrisy about the Star Spanglish Banner, Dear Leader says "if we have to hit the imigrints to get em stop singin the nashinal song then dammit we will."
5. Superman is such a dick. (thx ash)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Dick on the Mic: 'Don't you know i'm loco?'

ON THIS DAY: In 1988 it was revealed that first lady Nancy Reagan regularly consulted with psychics and the Zodiac to help schedule her husband's activities. Today's first lady, Laura Bush, regularly consults with Paxil and Xanax to help deal with her husband's idiocies. Go figure.

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