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Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy Mission Accomplished Day! A full flight deck of fun awaits below!
1. Best place to start? ThinkProgress of course. They take a look at the numbers since Commander Codpiece's photo-stunt. They also inform us that Scotty McCllelan proclaimed today that 'We Are On the Way to Accomplishing the Mission.' Guess that was too long for the banner, eh?
2. E&P looks back at the state of things three years ago by zeroing in on the NY Times coverage of the event. MediaMatters provides a full rundown of how the rest of the fawning and fellating media covered it. (WARNING: You'll need to take a shower after you're through.)
3. Media Needle gives us a unique presidential POV from the cockpit that day.
4. The General points out that the preznit has proclaimed today Loyalty Day. How very Dictatorish of him. When will the children line up to sing their praises to Dear Leader? Oh, they already did that? Nevermind.
5. But it's not just Loyalty Day, no sirree. FDL points out that Bush has also proclaimed today 'Law Day'. Good strategy, distract us from that giant smoking banner with the concepts of Loyalty and Law. One problem President McFlightSuit: You're the biggest lawbreaker in the land. Mr. Greenwald has more.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Can we get an 'Impeachment Accomplished' banner ready?

ON THIS DAY: In 2003... uhhhh, see above.

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