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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

We got your daily internet chatter right here!
1. Fitzmas, Fitzukah, l'affair d'Plame, etc: Ooooh, I'm getting that tingly feeling again. Truthout is reporting that Karl Rove's volunteer appearance before the Grand Jury today was prompted by receipt of a target letter (i.e. a 'you're about to be indicted' letter) from St. Patrick. Check out the DAYS archives for a refresher on where we left off in this case. Even more useful, the gang at FDL follows every machination of this complex case right here. Put out your milk and cookies everyone, Santa Fitzgerald's coming to town.
2. DNC: I wouldn't normally link to something directly from the Democrats because typically they're just a frustrating pack of spineless cowards, but today's memo to W's new spinmasters, Tony Snow and Josh Bolten, is pretty damn good. Hey, maybe the Dems are finally growing a pair? Once again, a tip 'o the cap to the incomparable Shakespeare's Sister.
3. MediaMatters: Speaking of new press secretary Snow, here's a partial collection of a career's worth of falsehoods and misdirections. Frankly, he's the perfect man for this job.
4. Evan: "Forget bird flu, impeachment is spreading across the nation, state by state."
5. Worker #3116: Do you believe you are retarded? (hilarious site, btw. check it out.)

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ON THIS DAY: In 2001 World Intellectual Property Day was founded. Man, if I had only known, I would've taken the day off. Curses! This year's theme, by the way, is "It Starts With An Idea." Hey, I have an idea, let's impeach the president!

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