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Monday, April 24, 2006

A quick scan of what's percolating on the internets today.
1. Think Progress: Former CIA official Tony Drumheller on 60 Minutes says the Bush administration ignored intelligence that didn't fit the 'facts' they needed to go to war. (What? No way! To those who are shocked by this, I'll echo Taylor over at FDL: "Welcome to the party.")
2. D-Ren: "President Bush denies making the decision to invade Iraq in advance. In actuality, the decision was made: 1. Without his input 2. 15 years ago 3. By Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld."
3. Real Time: The Bill Maher Children's Choir serenades the Bushies. (via OGM)
4. Mike Carol: Tide Turns on Dubya's Wreck ("It is the George W. Bush ship of fools, stuck in the mud for the world to see in all its mendacity, its incompetence, its faith-based stupidity.")
5. Bonus two-fer! 1115.org looks to the Coen Bros. for inspiration in "
Reform? Maybe we should get us some of that?" Over at the Whiskey Bar, Billmon does his Orwell thing as only he can.

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Today's Two Minute Hate brought to you by the Ministry of Peace.

ON THIS DAY: In 1967 Gen. William Westmoreland painted a rosy picture of the war in Ira-- Vietnam ("the military picture is favorable"), despite an endless stream of bad news from the jungles. In response to a question with regard to the growing peace movement on the streets, the controversial general said the Communist enemy was “encouraged by what he believes to be popular opposition to our efforts in Vietnam.” Sound familiar? "Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, concluding a four-day trip to Iraq and Afghanistan, said today that critics of the Bush administration's Iraq policy are encouraging terrorists and complicating the ongoing U.S. war on terrorism."

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