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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

1. Robert Dreyfuss: Vice Squad (How the Cheney administration works. Shakes sums it up.)
2. Carl Bernstein calls for Senate Hearings on Bush, Now.
3. Kevin K. (formerly of Catch.com) on FDL: Fear & Loathing in the Nuttersphere ("Rather than learning valuable and long-coming lessons from their multitude of mistakes, they’ve decided to screw the fear in deeper and layer even more bat shit onto their crazy.")
4. Oh don't groan, just watch the trailer to Al Gore's 'An Inconvient Truth'. While the non-reality based community (i.e. the Bush administration) chooses to ignore science and reason, systematically stifles it in fact, a film like this is exactly what we need. It's time to wake up. And yeah, I'd consider RE-electing Gore in '08. He deserves the 4 years he never got, and so do we.
5. Bush: "I'm The Decider." Really? But, uh, your decidering sucks. Maybe you should be The Resignerer instead? Whaddya say, wanna give it a shot? (Wonkette, The Mod Voice, D-Ren, HuffPo, Digby and Sadly No, among others, have more.)

Image hosting by Photobucket Decide this, bitches!

In 1943 Swiss chemist
Dr. Albert Hofmann deliberately consumed 250 grams of LSD, becoming the first to experiment with the drug later immortalized by, among others, the Beatles, Timothy Leary and Hunter Thompson. After ingesting the hallucinogen, Dr. Hofman cycled home from his lab, experiencing the first-ever acid trip later recounted in his book, LSD: My Problem Child. April 19th has since been known as Bicycle Day. If you can't celebrate the day by ingesting the drug yourself, just check out this flash animation courtesy of the indominatble Ms. SchmidtyBooger. It'll have roughly the same effect.

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