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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

So, I wake up this morning for what seems like the 5th day in a row to headlines like these:

Violence Subsides Across Iraq
Iraqi Leaders Sidestep Civil War
Civil War Crisis is 'Over'

Well, thank god that's over. Appears I was worried about nothing. But then, as has been the case each and every day, I see headlines like these as the day drags on:

Bombers Kill 37 in Sectarian Violence
Blast Kills 16 Near Shi'ite Mosque

Multiple Bombings in Baghdad Kill 56
15 Killed in Baghdad Explosions
Fighting Smell of Death, Iraqis Look for Relatives

Image hosting by Photobucket Move along, nothing to see here.

Wake up people! It's chaos, anarchy and Civil War over there, no matter what the administration or the mainstream media tells us.

Oh, and if you're thinking, 'well, last week's violence only killed like 200 people', think again. It's more like 1,300, and rising every hour of every day. But have no fear, tomorrow's headlines will tell us everything is just hunky-dory over there, no need to worry. Just watch the 'reality' on your televisions, but pay no attention to the reality on the ground.

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