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Sunday, February 12, 2006


Cheney Accidently Shoots Hunting Companion
Vice President Cheney accidentally peppered a hunting companion with pellets during a quail hunt on a Texas ranch over the weekend, sending the 78-year-old man to the hospital with injuries to his face and chest.

Nope, he shoots ducks with Scalia, not quail.

Everybody run, Cheney's got a gun.

Actually, I'm surprised it wasn't Scooter, who sort of tossed Big Dick under the bus earlier this week. Or it could've been Porter Goss, who inadvertently accused Cheney of being a traitor. For that matter, are we sure it wasn't Patrick Fitzgerald, the man who could ultimately bring Mr. Mean down? Honestly, there are so many potential targets for this man to take aim at, maybe someone should revoke the dude's hunting license.

And maybe Dick oughta start hanging out with that other even-keeled hunting enthusiast, Texas Tech basketball coach Bobby Knight. Just a thought.

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