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Monday, February 20, 2006

DAYS in PICTURES: Skating, Pachyderm, Ice & Guns
Introducing a new feature, DAYS in PICTURES. It's real simple: The power of the image is undeniable, and one way to measure the pulse of society is to find out what images are buzzing around the internets. Luckily, Yahoo! makes this easy by putting together a "Most E-mailed Photos" page. In this semi-regular feature, DAYS will take a look at and offer brief comment on the top 4 photos of the moment. Ready? Say 'cheese.'

I had no idea figure skating was so popular... or could it be that extra sequin popping out from her costume that propelled this one to the top slot? Uh huh.

Walt Disney isn't dead, he's been training elephants in Thailand to do this. And guess what? Their dung looks like rose petals!

Bill Clinton visited upstate New York this weekend.

Now why on earth would this photo be so popular? Must be the, uh, guns.

An FCC swat team is reviewing this picture even as we speak. Look for the commission to levy a big fine on the IOC.
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