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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Image hosted by TinyPic.com 'And then God said, 'stay the course'...'

Isn't it nice that after almost three years of bloody confusion in Iraq the Bush administration has finally come up with a Plan for Victory? Huzzah and kudos Mr. Bush, it's good to know you're so on top of the situation. Yep, President Propaganda pounded the Orwellian 'truth machine' again yesterday, offering up not so much a strategy, but rather a more detailed listing of platitudes and hyperbole than ever before.

I found this passage, from the 35-page "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq" document released yesterday by the White House, particularly interesting:

"It is not realistic to expect a fully functioning democracy, able to defeat its enemies and peacefully reconcile generational grievances, to be in place less than three years after Saddam was finally removed from power."
Fair enough. I don't think anyone was expecting a "fully functioning democracy" at this point. But is it unrealistic to expect, oh, I don't know, water, electricity and health networks to be at higher levels than before the war? Is it unrealistic to expect daily attacks to be on the decline instead of at an all-time high? Is it unrealistic to expect Iraq's oil production to be at higher levels than before the war? Is it unrealistic to expect human rights abuses in Iraq to have decreased rather than increased since Saddam?

But hey, if one measurement of success is how much Iraq is beginning to resemble the United States, then we really are making progress. For one, we're paying the media to write positive stories about the occupation. And for two, the Iraqis are now taking it upon themselves to conduct secret torture and then deny ever doing such a thing. Congratulations Iraq, you're well on your way to becoming a Bush-style democracy. Hooray!

Image hosted by TinyPic.com It's raining freedom!

Say what you well about the guy, but at least he's finally figured out that umbrella thing. God, it took him long enough.

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