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Thursday, October 13, 2005

We live in exciting times. I’m all atwitter about tomorrow’s vote on the Iraqi constitutional referendum. Clearly, we’re on the brink of a historic juncture. A watershed moment. A turning point. How do I know? Because the White House told me so, that’s why.

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Yesterday, the Sunnis agreed to end their call for a ‘no’ vote on Saturday’s constitutional referendum based on the one condition that the entire document can be renegotiated in December. In other words, the constitution they vote on this weekend could be entirely rewritten in two months. So then, uh, what’s the purpose of Saturday’s vote? Well, it’s the symbolism stupid. Bush and his hawks need a corner to turn, even if the corner is essentially a U-turn which brings us right back to where we started. Brilliant.

The biggest reason the vote needs to happen now can be found in the polls. No, not the election polls silly, the approval polls. Specifically, Bush’s sagging ones. Never mind the critics who have warned that ramming the referendum through will greatly increase the chance of Civil War in Iraq. Never mind the fact that most Iraqis haven’t even read the damn thing. Hey, we’ve got a deadline to meet and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do dammit.

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UPDATE: Did anyone catch President Photo-ops sadly staged Q&A with soldiers in Iraq this morning? This is a man who clearly knows he’s in his last throes. Seriously, you could practically smell the desperation oozing through the television screen. And did he really say to soldiers in the middle of the war zone he created that he wished he “could be there to see you face to face and thank you personally. Probably a little early for me to go to Tikrit”?? No sir, I think it’s a perfect time for you to go. And leave your body armor at home, ok?

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Wonkette has a recap, ThinkProgress has a look ‘behind the scenes,’ and C&L has the video. Unfuckingbelievable.

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