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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Remember last week when the President shocked us all by actually uttering the word 'conserve'? Well, Bush proved yesterday that he too is pitching in to head-off the coming energy crisis when he packed up his entourage, gassed up his fleet of executive SUVs and made his eighth trip to the disaster zone (aka, the Halliburton profit center) that is New Orleans. The purpose of President Photo-op's trip, in his own words, was to let the people of the region know "that a lot of people care." Not him necessarily, but, you know, people. A lot of them.

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'To drink? How 'bout one of 'dem Hurricanes? Heh, heh, heh. Get it?'

During his visit, Bush sought common ground with the devastated residents by dining on shrimp etouffée and other delicacies in the Skylight Room at Bacco, where an "elaborately carved 18th century French Compass Point, affixed to the buttery golden west wall, served as the backdrop." Um, ok. After the hard work that was dinner, the president retired to the posh accommodations of the Windsor Court hotel, described by White House staff as 'Common-People Chic'.

Fine dining and a luxury hotel? Yep, Karl Rove is definitely distracted. Seriously, there had to be one or two more PR-friendly sleeping options, wasn't there? I mean, he could've hunkered down at one of those swell tent cities FEMA has set up. Or maybe he could've crashed at Larry Williams' house? I'm sure Larry has some room, right Larry?

Image hosted by TinyPic.com 'Sure. I got some rubble he can sleep on.'

Bush continued his man-of-the-people tour this morning, donning a hardhat and grabbing a hammer (no, not that Hammer) to pound a few nails for the TV cameras. When asked by Matt Lauer how he was holding up personally, Bush answered that he could "barely stand" and was "about to drop on the spot." My god, a bit early in the morning to be hitting the sauce, isn't it George?

Image hosted by TinyPic.com 'Look, I'm a carpenter! Just like Jesus!!'

Or like Norm Abram, noted savior of This Old House.

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