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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ever since she hit the runway in that Conditrix outfit a few months back, the world just can't seem to keep its ogling eyes off of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

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Here's Condi sharing a knowing wink with new Iraqi PM Ibrahim al-Jafari. And just how do you suppose he got that job?

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Condi and Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari perform "The Last Throes of Passion", a dance in three parts.

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Mr. Met must be tiring of Anna Benson. Look at him, those crazy eyes, that longing expression, the coyly tilted baseball cap... he's so checking out her ass right there.

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Group of 8? More like Grope by 8! Or maybe 7... that guy in the back doesn't seem too interested, he may be scanning the crowd for Jeff Gannon.

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"Hey Condi, I think I, uh, dropped my pencil... can you, uh, bend over and pick it up for me?"
"Yeah, mine too!"
"And mine!!"

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This one's called the 'Oil-for-Smooches Scandal.'
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And this one's called, well, kissing up to the boss basically.

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Even Angelina's trying to get a peek at Condi's yum-yums. You better watch your back Brad, this woman is a barracuda!

Clearly, Condy rocks her predecessor Colin Powell's world. That guy was never able to pull as much diplomatic tail as this. But as hot as The Conditrix is, she's still got nothing on former Secretary of State and all-around uberbabe Madeline Albright.

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Be still my heart. *sigh*

A Love Letter to Condi.

How lame, those old farts still pulling the dropped my pencil gag. If they were modern men they would just tape a mirror to their shoe and stick their foot under her skirt and point up in the air to distract her. Really modern guys could whip out their cell phone cameras. I knew something was wrong with these guys.
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