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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Former Gladiator Russell Crowe had a few options to promote his new film, The Cinderella Man. He could:
1. Fabricate a relationship with a much younger, supposedly virginal starlet then proceed to repeatedly and publicly lose his marbles over her. (6/15 and 6/29)
2. Have an affair with his co-star, split up with his Hollywood wife, then
deny, deny, deny. (6/10) 3. Lose about 100 lbs., have his father imprisoned, then get smashed by the stalkerazzi. (6/24)
4. Slam the concierege of a swank Soho hotel in the face
with a telephone.
Mr. Crowe apparently chose the latter.
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Of course, the folks behind The Dukes of Hazzard have discovered the most surefire method of movie promotion:
Image hosted by TinyPic.com
The Daisy Duke show opens June 24. Sweet moses.

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We are trying to find good dvd movie to take the kids this weekend. Good dvd movie reviews are hard to find

I just stumbled onto your blog while looking. Seems to happen to me a lot since I am a knowledge mooch LOL

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