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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

As public sentiment and support for the Neocon's war of choice continues to sour, the Bush team has been scrambling to put a rosy glow on the carnage-creating series of disastrous missteps they term "a strategy". The president has already let us know he's "thinking about Iraq", and tonight he's going to invade our primetime to surround himself with troops at Ft. Bragg (I'm thinking he'll leave the flight suit at home this time) and tell us about all this thinking he's been doing.

While I don't think we'll see Bush finally come out of the closet tonight (dammit), I do think we'll hear something we've never heard before: an admission, however subtle, of a few minor missteps in Iraq. I know it goes against the John Wayne, never-admit-a-mistake policy this administration has held so dear to, but they have no other choice as I see it. He'd just look like a fantastical asshole if he were to come out and repeat the same 'stay-the-course, things-are-getting-better' bullshit. That said, he kind of is a fantastical asshole, so maybe that's exactly what we'll hear. *sigh*

But I honestly believe there will be an admission, albeit fleeting and buried under an avalanche of aforementioned bullshit. And tomorrow all the papers will fawn over the suddenly contrite Bush. More importantly, an empty admission will obscure the fact the president will offer nothing new in tonight's speech. No strategy. No exit plan. Nothing. But no one will notice because we'll all be talking about how the president has turned a corner. Of course, Iraq will still be stuck in the same place, looking for its own corner to turn.

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Other things you probably won't see or hear in tonight's speech:

On that last one, remember how we re-elected this president based primarily on the idea that he would make us safer? Well, that and the fact that he hates the gays... But remember the safer part? Yeah, um, what up with that?

CIA: Iraq now a bigger terrorist threat than Afghanistan/binLaden
Occupation Made World Less Safe, Pro-War Institute Says
US Figures Show Sharp Global Rise In Terrorism
UK Government: Iraq war 'increased terror threat'
Iraq war has swollen ranks of al Qaeda
Terror threat to US called 'significant'
Global terror attacks triple in 2004
The US May Be Losing

Oh yeah, feeling much safer now. Thanks W!

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