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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Hey Scottie, you don't suppose incidents like this have contributed to our damaged image abroad do you?

Dilawar had been chained to his cell ceiling by his wrists for four days and his legs pummelled by guards when he was brought to be re-interrogated at 0200 hours about an attack on a US air base, it says. After the interrogation he was returned to be chained up and died before a doctor came to see him.

The report says most interrogators believed him to be an innocent taxi driver who simply drove past at the time of the air-base attack.
Naww, it's all Newsweek's fault.

Enough is enough. Stop blaming the press, stop blaming 'bad apple' soldiers, and stop denying this is a widespread problem. Fix it now. Hold the people responsible* accountable. Now.

BBC: US Report Reveals Afghan Abuses
Slate: Abuse Week
Nation: Pentagon Caught in a Fib
Torture, Cover-up at Gitmo?
HRW: An Open Letter to Donald Rumsfeld

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*No, Lyndie f'in England does not count!

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