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Sunday, May 22, 2005

There has been much talk recently about how the far right may be letting the perceived role it played in Bush's re-election go to its head. This is being labeled as "overreach," and has cropped up multiple times over the last few months, from the Schiavo shenanigans to Justice Sunday to the public celebration of one Tom DeLay. This overreach may have everything to do with Bush's sinking public approval numbers, and yet the far right continues to push its extreme agenda forward. Whether it's one congressman's attempt to rename a dirty, dirty interstate, or another's efforts to get Tony Soprano to stop cussing, it continues. So as a public service, and because it's a lot of fun to point out just how insane the far right can be, I felt it may be helpful to illustrate a few examples of this overreach.

Funny how most of this overreach revolves around sex, most of it gay, while the Republican party responsible for most of it is home to secret gay mayors, non-permissioned anal-invading doctors, orgy-loving UN appointees (and Supreme Court Justices), horsejerkers and mule fuckers. Austin-based blogger Karena has more dirty details, while good 'ol reliable Jon Stewart gives us "Gay Watch."

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To be fair though, Republicans and their advocates aren't the only ones guilty of overeach. No, down in Texas, even moderate (read: desperate) Democrats have dipped their toe in the overeach waters. Last month, State Rep. Al Edwards, a Democrat, and fellow lawmakers in the Texas legislature worked extremely hard against the scourge of our nation: booty-shakin' cheerleaders. Yes, Mr. Edwards and 85 other House members approved legislation that would have allowed the Texas Education Agency authority to punish schools that allow "overtly sexually suggestive" cheerleader routines. Personally, I think old Al just wanted to spend his days at "work" looking up cheerleader's skirts, but maybe he's on to something. I mean really, Paula Abdul was a cheerleader and look how she turned out. This must be stopped and we can't simply rely on creepy old guys to stop these girls from gettin' jiggy with it, now can we?

Please wake me when everyone regains their sanity. Thanks.

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Focus on the Family's advice about how to talk to your kids about sex:
"Curl up on the sofa, pop a bowl of popcorn, fix their favorite beverage and go for it."

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