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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Escalating violence in Iraq, anti-American rioting in Afghanistan, martyrs lining up by the hundreds in Iran, low-level scapegoats taking all the heat for Abu Ghraib, perhaps the greatest PR disaster of this entire debacle. Boy, we sure could use someone to help improve our image in the region... hey, didn't Bush appoint his girlfri– er, buddy, Karen Hughes to that post? Oh, she's busy? Doing what?
"Mrs. Hughes is not expected back in Washington until the fall, after getting her son settled in college."
Oh, ok, it's good that she's taking the next FIVE MONTHS to help her son pick out the right incense burner for his dorm room and find the dining hall. Seriously, WTF??

Image hosted by TinyPic.com No, no, I think he'd like the blue bean-bag chair best.

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This is unbelievable. Karen Bigfoot Hughes has to spend five months getting her son settled into college? Thank god, or that swamp monster would have gotten us into a real pickle in Afghanistan.

Her kid must be a real dopey guy if Bigfoot has to work on him that much. What is she doing? Improving his image? Teaching him how to read without moving his lips? Grooming him to replace Carol Keeton Strayhorn Many Name's son, Scott McClellan' as Bush's press secretary?

Good lord, I hope she is trotting across the country and not staying in Austin. Yikes!
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