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Monday, April 11, 2005

As a community service, Days would like to offer the following advice for anyone planning a trip to visit the historic sites on display in our nation's capital.

Tip #1
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Drop your luggage off at your hotel before visiting the US Capitol or other houses of government. And bring friends!

Tip #2
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Always be aware of your surroundings, and be sure to look behind you at all times.

Tip #3
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Dark clothes and sunglasses can create suspicion, so be sure to wear bright, non-threatening attire. Anything with an American flag on it will do. Tie-dye should be avoided at all costs.

Good luck, and have a safe and pleasant stay in DC.
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Oh, and don't forget bail money!

Man With Suitcases Captured at Capitol

In the times we live in now, even if you're innocent you have to be looking outlandishly innocent. I wonder if he's got a case for civil rights abuse.
Maybe his case for civil rights abuse is what he was carrying in the suitcases? The guy apparently thought he would find the president in DC... doesn't he know Bush spends all his time cutting brush in Crawford? And playing video games apparently. Silly foreigners.
Turns out he had a CD player in the suitcase. Maybe he was just trying to upload some semi-decent tunes to Bush's iPod.
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