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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Can we, for a moment, try and ignore that elephant? Let's just pretend there are no clouds hovering overhead and that's its a crystal clear spring day. That's what baseball's Opening Day has always meant to me, the start of spring. And how can you not be happy about that? Even if you're not a baseball fan, you can't be unhappy about an event that signals sunny skies, fresh cut grass and cold beer. So yeah, let's ignore that elephant.

Opening Day has always filled me with hope. Growing up, my childhood naivete even allowed my head and heart to overflow every spring with the insane belief that maybe, just maybe, the early 80's Mariners teams of Barry Bonnell, Pat Putnam and Gaylord Perry had a shot to win the World Series. This strong irrational hope has been experienced by countless numbers of fans throughout history. It was the drive that kept Red Sox fans believing for 86 years. It's the thing that keeps Cubs fans from tossing themselves off the Sears Tower every fall. Its power is strong.

I guess I am a religious man, and baseball is my religion. So please, just for one moment, let me forget about that elephant, those clouds, and enjoy Opening Day for what it should represent: Spring, an irrational faith in the impossible, and good 'ol fashioned sportsmanship, as evidenced here.

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Let's Play Ball.

Oh, and I'm sorry Red Sox, but as fun as it was to root for you as you brought down the Evil Empire, I have to hate you now too. Let's face it, with the Curse lifted you're just not the beloved underdogs anymore, you're simply the 2nd richest team in baseball and the defending champs.

So go Mariners. Beat the Red Sox. Beat the Yankees. Break the curse of The Gaylord.

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