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Monday, December 20, 2004

My brief moment of concern for the media is over. If you remember, last week I was worried what impact the end of the 2-year-long Scott Peterson trial would have on our ever-responsible mainstream media. What would they fill all that time with? Would they have to resort to covering such mundane subjects as war, genocide and the erosion of our civil rights. Yawn. But then, like a Christmas miracle, along came the grisly story of Lisa Montgomery and her murderous, fetus snatching ways. Hallelujah.

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the story right now, which is good because I don't have the stomach to write "ripped the 8-month old fetus from her abdomen" more than once. Montgomery, from Melvern, Kansas (Red State!) goes before a judge this week, and the news cameras will no doubt be there, cameras at the ready – hooray! Happy Christmas everyone.

(By the way, was this the only picture available of Montgomery, or do the photo editors just have a really macabre sense of humor? Seriously, is she actually holding the fetus in that photo?? Damn. Low Culture explores the question here.)

- Breathe easy Court TV. If the Lisa Montgomery case doesn't fill the void, we still have Baretta, Jacko and the big daddy of all celebrity court cases, Saddam Hussein, to look forward to in 2005.
- Get all your Courtroom sketch art here! You know you want it.
- The Top 25 Stories the media might have covered had Peterson NOT dominated the airwaves in 2004.

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