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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

2004 has been a heckuva a year for young Lindsay Lohan. As the year commenced, she was nothing more than the awkward teenager from the Freaky Friday remake. But now, after a year of Mean Girls, party gossip and nipple slips, she's a barely legal sexpot on the cover of every magazine and in the minds of every teenage boy and dirty old man on the planet. But this week's release of her debut album, "Speak," may mark the beginning of the fall of the Lohan empire. And after hearing about her Ashlee Simpsonesque performance on Good Morning America the other day, perhaps she should've titled the album "Synch."

(And yes, this post is simply an excuse to post a photo of Lindsay in my blog)

See Lindsay Lip Synch on GMA (video)

Lindsay & Tara Reid 'Speak' (parody)

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