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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Even though 11 states voted for a homophobic, prehistoric ban against gay marriage, it appears America really does enjoy getting fucked in the ass.

Stupid, stupid country.

I guess I have to keep doing this for four more years now... dark Days ahead, dark Days indeed.

William Saletan: Simple Is As Simple Does
Sorry Puffy, but the youth apparently would rather Die than Vote.

I feel like I've been handed a death sentence.

I want my mommy.
I know, I know, blaming the country was my first instinct also. But then I started thinking about who is really to blame. Kerry and the Democratic strategists are to blame. Why didn't Kerry fight harder against Bush's rhetoric? Why didn't Kerry pick apart Bush's bullshit sooner? (He was such an easy target). And why did the Democrats think they could win a national election without being a national party. (I mean, really, has any President ever won election without winning a single Southern state?!)

But as advised by William Saletan from Slate, buck up little birdie. There is work to do and we need to figure out how to connect with the rest of America. WE ARE THE MINORITY, but this can change. Enough said. This article will do it.

--Andrew from Ann Arbor
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