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Friday, November 05, 2004

Apparently, the Bush administration intends to tackle education reform during it's second term in the same manner they plan to reform the Middle East – with firepower.
"When the heavy gun in the left wing of an Air National Guard F-16 fighter jet fired Wednesday night it sent 25 20mm rounds smashing through the roof and zinging off the asphalt parking lot of the Little Egg Harbor Intermediate School."
Can't wait to see what they do about social security – watch out Boca!

The fact is that many conservatives opposed the creation of a national department of education in the first place. Accidental, yet highly symbolic. Great work.
Revenge for the Nickelodeon poll.

(So much for that and the fucking Redskins thing,)
I don't see how this is Bush's fault?

Everything is Bush's fault, haven't you heard?
Humor Witold, humor. I'd figure you'd have some now that your man won.
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