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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

With the polls indicating the candidates are dead even heading into Wednesday night's showdown in Tempe, the final debate heading into the home stretch of this campaign looks to be crucial. Once this debate is over, any undecided voters will only be able to rely on a cacophony of misleading ads, twisted talking points and propagandistic TV specials to make their decision. The point? Watch closely, this is your last best chance to get a real feel for who these two men are. That's not to say that there won't once again be distortions galore at tomorrow night's contest, that's a given.

The final debate is all about domestic issues and will return us to the traditional two men, two podiums, and a moderator format. Kind of a bummer really, I enjoyed watching W. hop all over the stage like a crazed rabbit with an itchy trigger finger. The candidates have been stumping all over the West early this week, making their way to Tempe, home of Arizona St. University. Is it just a coincidence that ASU's mascot is a devil? And since we're in the sunshine state, will Kerry's tan be real this time? Will Bush come to the hall packing wood? Should we worry about moderator Bob Schieffer's safety if he does? Will the president's jetpack make an encore appearance? So many questions...

Bush spent today at a campaign stop in Colorado Springs testing debate lines and "taunting" Senator Kerry. His new 'zinger' seems to be: "you can run, but you can't hide." Unless you're Osama bin Laden, that is, then you can run and hide all you want. As for the taunting, can someone please explain to me why people want a president who is partial to taunting? You can't conduct diplomacy through taunts. But then, diplomacy has never been high on this man's list of priorities. This man is not a statesman, he's an overgrown, stubborn child who refuses to admit the truth or accept the consequences of his actions. He's the guy who has season tickets behind the visiting team's bullpen just so he can hurl insults and not-so-clever putdowns at the opposing pitchers. And the fact is, that guy sometimes ends up getting hit with a chair. I hope John Kerry brings a chair tomorrow night.

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