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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I seriously think the president is beginning to crack from the pressure of this campaign. Check out some of the gems from this Reuters interview today:

On his debate performances:
"All I know is, in my judgment, on policy, I won the debate. Here's the definition of winning debates: The definition of who wins debates is who wins the election."

Too bad even your own campaign has essentially conceded defeat in the debates. Under this logic, John Kerry should be feeling pretty comfortable right about now.

On Iraqi elections:
"I believe that there will be elections throughout Iraq. That's certainly the intention of the Iraqi government. Prime Minister (Iyad) Allawi told me that."

Mr. Allawi also told the president that storks deliver babies, Santa Claus is a real person, and God invented the Internets... all of 'em.

On why voters will stick with him:
"Because they know I have a plan to win the war on terror, a real plan, and they've seen what we've done on the economy. This economy is getting strong and getting stronger."

You forgot about how it's turning the corner too. And, uh, freedom is on the march. Yeah, that sounds good too, use it!

On why our kids are dying in Iraq:
"Zarqawi is a terrorist. We are fighting Mr. Zarqawi in Iraq. My opponent seems to think that if we were not fighting in Iraq, he would become a peaceful citizen. Zarqawi would be plotting, planning, ready to strike. He must be defeated there, so we do not face him here."

Wait, so now we went to Iraq to take out Zarqawi? That's a new one. And I'm not even going to comment on W's absurd assumption that Kerry would just ignore Zarqawi.

By the way, lots of attention lately on this Zarqawi character, wonder why?
PREDICTION: The capture of Zarqawi will come within the next week, i.e. The October Surprise. Don't be surprised by it.

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