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Monday, October 18, 2004

By now, we all know that the upcoming election is the most important election of our generation, that point has been repeatedly drilled into us for months. And so, with a soaring deficit and record unemployment staring us in the face, and our sons and daughters bogged down in the "catastrophic success" that is Iraq, what are we talking about two weeks from election day? Flu shots and lesbians. Unbelievable. Dick Cheney is an "angry father," Lynne Cheney is an "indignant mother," and John Kerry is "not a good man." And of course, conservative pundits have seized on John Kerry's ill-conceived outing of Dick Cheney's gay daughter at last week's final debate as a "cheap and tawdry" campaign tactic.

With all the issues at stake in this election, this is what we're talking about - and it's no accident. The Bush camp would have you believe that we're talking about it because John Kerry crossed a line, but the only reason the subject of homosexuality was breeched in the first place is because Bush has explicitly come out in support of a completely unnecessary Constitutional amendment that essentially supports gay-bashing, a total wedge issue designed to divide the electorate and solidify support from the far right. There's no other reason to even be talking about this. The whole issue of gay marriage is a cheap and tawdry campaign tactic, introduced by none other than George W. Bush.

Hell, the Bush team invented cheap and tawdry campaign tricks. This is the team that spread a rumor in the 2000 primaries that John McCain had fathered an illegitimate black child (he and his wife adopted a child from Bangladesh, for shame!). This is the team that called Vietnam vet and triple amputee Max Cleland unpatriotic and compared him to Osama bin Laden to win a congressional seat. This is the team that wants you to believe John Kerry once had a menage-a-trois with Jane Fonda and Ho Chi Minh. This is the team of Karl Rove, an evil, evil bastard, (and if you don't how evil, read this).

Yes, Kerry didn't need to mention Mary Cheney by name, but aren't there more important things to be focusing on? Yes, there are. But the Bush campaign doesn't want to talk about those issues; they'd rather attack their opponent and feign disgust at his actions, hoping that some voter will change his vote simply because Lynne Cheney's feelings were hurt. Shouldn't an incumbent be focusing on all the good he's done over the past four years? Alarm bells should be going off amongst the American electorate because the Bush team is basing its reelection strategy on attacking Kerry instead of touting its successes. If Bush has done so much right (and hasn't made single mistake, mind you) how come we're not talking about it? No, the Bushies would rather you vote for them because Kerry called Mary Cheney a lesbian, which, by the way, is exactly what she is.

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