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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Last week, during the final debate, Bush was asked what he would say to one of the nation's millions of unemployed workers. His answer? Get an education. With that advice in mind, we'd like to offer the president a few suggestions for what he might do come November 3rd:

Bob Jones University (You'll definitely fit in here.)
Dodge City Community College (Bonus, they don't teach evolution in Kansas!)
Liberty University (I'm sure Falwell will welcome you with open arms.)
Central Alabama Community College (Check out their "I Can Learn" Labs.)
Transpacific Hawaii College (Go to class or surf - your choice!)
Hawkeye Community College (More than you can imagine...)
Finger Lakes Community College (sorry George, it's not nearly as dirty as it sounds.)
Western Texas College (close to the Ranch, whoo hoo!)

Don't worry George, just this week your Treasury Secretary John Snow said the nation's unemployment problem was nothing but a "myth," so you'll probably be fine.

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